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The Elan 350 One Design

The Elan 350 One Designs is a special model of the award-winning Elan 350, developed in 2011 by the order of Burin YC, the official dealer of Elan yachts in Slovenia and Croatia. A fleet of 13 boats have been launched since September 2011 (majority of them in 2012). The fleet's home port is Marina Kornati in Biograd, Croatia.

Quebec d.o.o. is a part-owner of the fleet, and an agent for all the boats. On our site you find information about these fantastic performance sailing yachts, and you can also book online. Besides the brand new Elan 350 One Designs you can also book our fleet of 8 Elan 340 One Designs. These equally successful boats, which have served our customers since 2007 are now available at a very competitive price.

Check the availability of our fleet on our booking page, where you can also book the selected boat with one click of a button. Our customer service is at your service through the traditional channels as well (phone, e-mail, fax, mail), where you can ask for a quote or book directly with the help of our customer representative.

Shall you have any questions about the boats, our operations, or anything else, that you think we can help you with, don't hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to seeing you on board!


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