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The Open-class inspired Elan 350 One Design is an exciting performance-cruising sailing yacht, where neither performance, nor the cruising capabilites are left to compromise.

Its wide transom, twin-rudder arrangement and chined hull deliver excellent control even at high heel angles. Her T-shaped keel ensures a lower centre of gravity and improved righting movement, which in turn reduces displacement. At the end it all adds up to an exhilarating sailing performance, which one expects on much bigger boats. Maybe the best feature yet is how effortless she is to sail, even in challenging conditions.

The powerful aft quarters that gives the Elan 350 One Design her power and pace also engenders her with an unrivalled cruising accommodation, with two really spacious aft cabins. Her sailing capabilities and comfortable interior will definitely be the envy of many larger cruising yachts. The Elan 350 One Design will definitely put a big grin on every sailing enthusiast's face.



CHINED HULL: The chines on Elan 350OD's hull boost the boat's tracking ability at speed and clean off the wake, giving the boat improved high speed capability and control.

TWIN RUDDERS: Elan 350OD's broad stern allows for an increased form stability and power integrating well with the twin-rudder arrangement and delivering excellent control even at high heel angles.

CROSS-OVER STEERING SYSTEM: The unique combination of twin rudders and two steering wheels offers an excellent steering precision and easy handling in all weather conditions.

CARBON BOWSPRIT: The retractable carbon bowsprit brings an efficient asymmetric setting, bringing the rig's centre of effort forward to enhance control at high speed.

GENNAKER: The Elan 350OD is a very fast boat with it's regular sloop rigging, put the gennaker on, and it won't be hard to plane her at a speed of around 15 knots.




GALLEY: The L-shaped galley is well equipped and functional, the ideal solution for cooking and food preparation.

ADAPTABLE SALOON TABLE: The saloon table can be lowered to ensure the passage forward or more space around the settee. When the table is set, a welcoming social space is created.

NAV STATION: The navstation on starboard offers plenty of space for paper charts storage inside the table and additional stowage underneath.






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