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Elan Impression Sailing Week 2014

The ninth year in a row, between 6th and 9th of November 2014 the international regatta Elan Impression Sailing Week was organized again by Burin Yachting Club, Burin Yachtcharter and Yacht Club Biograd.

Over 50 Elan boats took part in the regatta, divided into three categories: Elan Performance, Elan Impression and Elan Cruiser.

Although the weather wasn’t very nice, skippers and crews enjoyed the event. Besides the regatta live music and several parties entertained the sailors.

Elan Impression Sailing Week 2013

Impression Sailing Week 2013
International Regatta On ELAN SAILING BOATS
Biograd n/m, Croatia
7. - 10. november 2013

This year's Elan Impression Sailing Week 2013 is already under organisation. Come and join us in Biograd between the 7th and 10th of November for a season closing regatta with over 60 participating Elan yachts. We still have a few Elan 350 One Design performance boats free for charter at a very friendly low season price. 

Email us for a quote or for any other inquiry:

Cruising Shot of the Week

A great spinnaker shot taken while sailing towards the Milwaukee, Wisconsin skyline! (bwsailing)



After a spectacular and exciting race on board of the Lisa (Evopro), Farkas Litkey and his team won the 45th Blue Ribbon Sailing Regatta.


Congratulations to the whole team for their great efforts!


Croatia Wants 100 Marinas

Newest EU state goes all out for marina growth

Up to an incredible 28,000 yachts will be sailing in the Adriatic by 2018, if the latest EU member gets its way. Croatia currently has some 50 marinas offering around 14,000 berths and the government is planning to double this by 2018, IBI magazine reports.

The Croatian Association of Nautical Tourism estimates that 70,000 yachts dropped anchor in the Adriatic last year and the Adriatic states of Croatia and Montenegro are planning to expand their nautical tourism sectors through increased marketing and expansion of yacht infrastructure along their coasts, according to a report in the Southeast European Times.

The coasts of these two countries are attractive for yacht cruising holidays and there is ongoing expansion of the marina infrastructure in both countries. Croatia currently has some 50 marinas offering around 14,000 berths and the government is planning to double this by 2018. These countries look to the Western Mediterranean where there are 180,000 berths to see the opportunity for growth. The Adriatic is within a day or so's cruising and is seen to hold significant growth capacity. Croatia's membership of the EU may well be a bonus for this.

Mato Frankovic, director of Dubrovnik Marinac told the newspaper: "We have only 380 berths left here. Before we had 450, but the yachts are getting bigger by the year. I get people in my office who are seriously rich. They want to moor their megayachts for winter. I have increased the price for a berth up to €100,000 per season, but they keep coming to my office."

Frankovic often has to turn yachts away, forcing owners to seek winter berths in France, Italy or America.

In Montenegro, the leading development in recent years is the Porto Montenegro project. Beckett Tucker, Porto Montenegro's sales manager, told the SE Times: "The Adriatic is very attractive to yacht owners. While Greece is one week sailing from southern France, the Adriatic can be reached in slightly over one day."

Tucker explained to the newspaper: "We're now extending the marina so as to accommodate 150 to 170 berths for superyachts and 800 for smaller boats. That would turn Porto Montenegro, built on a former Yugoslav navy base in the Bay of Kotor where 1,000 people are employed, into the biggest marina for megayachts in the world."

Cavtat in Croatia attracts a number of larger superyachts, including one of Roman Abramovich's fleet and Lakshmi Mittal's 80m (262ft) yacht. Luksa Glavina, a director of Dalmi Resorts, a Canadian company planning to build a 200-berth marina across the bay from Cavtat, indicated that an additional 1,000 berths are planned over the next few years in the area.

Blue Ribbon Sponsorhip

We're pleased to announce, that a co-owner and booking agent of the Elan 350 One Design fleet in Biograd is now a sponsor of Litkey Sailing Team of Hungary. More specifically we are sponsoring the one of her kind performance boat Lisa, with legendary Farkas Litkey at her helm.  With a marvellous racing history behind her, she is once again going to be competing in this year's 45th Balaton Blue Ribbon Regatta, and is now on board to fully support Farkas and the Lisa team in hopefully winning his 11th, and her 6th Balaton Blue Ribbon.

Welcome to the EU!
2013-07-01 welcomes Croatia, as the 28th member, to the European Union.

From July 1, Croatia is a full member of the European Union.

It is now easier and faster to cross the border, and there is no customs control.

Tourists and visitors now can bring more food with them, which is  usefull if they wish to go on a cruising trip.

Roaming tariffs became cheaper in the whole area of the EU. Now we can initiate a call from a EU member state for 24 euro cent, receiving a call costs 7 euro cent, while sending an SMS costs 8 euro cent.

We are looking forward to seeing you on board with all the new and great benefits of our EU membership.

Wheelchair-bound teen to attempt Cross-Channel

A wheelchair-bound teenager is to sail solo across the English Channel. Natasha Lambert, 16, was born with atheroid cerebral palsy, which affects her limbs as well as her speech and confines her to a wheelchair.

On Monday 1 July Natasha is leaving her wheelchair behind to embark on an incredible challenge entitled The French Connection which will see her sail her 21ft Mini Transat, Miss Isle Too, across the English Channel completely by herself using just her mouth to control the boat.

She is raising money for the RNLI, the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust and Wetwheels Solent. Natasha, who lives on the Isle of Wight with her family, is predicting the 25 mile voyage, which starts in Bologne, France (9am TBC) and finishes in Dover, will take her around seven hours. Without the use of her hands, she sails the yacht with her mouth using a ‘sip and puff’ system - operated by a straw inside a mountain bike helmet - which has been engineered by her father. “Natasha can’t walk across the room unaided and yet on Monday she will be sailing from one country to another”, explains her mum Amanda.

“When she is sailing Natasha is able to experience freedom and excitement and most importantly make decisions which she is unable to do in her everyday life. She’s also grown in confidence and has made loads of friends. For her it’s all about leaving her wheelchair on the pontoon and feeling free, she says it’s wicked!”

Last year Natasha’s sense for adventure inspired her to sail solo around the Isle of Wight raising over £17,000 for charity. This latest challenge sees her sailing across the Channel for the very first time and she has been out on the water training hard for the past few months, with her coach Phil who will be joining her onboard for the voyage. Gary Lambert, Natasha’s farther will also be playing his part as the driver of her safety boat. Gary said: “From the moment she first experienced sailing as a passenger in a dinghy, Natasha fell in love with being out on the water. Since then she was determined to find a way to be able to sail herself and as a family it has become a huge part of our lives. I am immensely proud of Tasha. Every time she goes out on the water I’m proud of her. She surprises me every time she gets to another mile stone. I’m proud of her determination, her skill and her courage”.

Special thanks go to Cowes Rotary, The Yacht Haven Cowes, Grapefruit Graphics, RYA Sailability and sponsors Artemis Investments. Natasha started sailing through RYA Sailability which supports opportunities for people with a disability to experience sailing and to sail more regularly.


Cruising Shot of the Week

Thanks to Jake and Michele Winigrad for this great sailing shot taken while crossing the Sir Francis Drake Channel from Tortola to Cooper Island in the BVI! (bluewatersailing)

Performance Cruising

There are some cruising sailors who consider performance cruising to be an oxymoron and anyone who suggests it to be a moron. But performance means a lot of different things to different people.

That’s why we asked a really diverse group of authors to tackle the articles in this month’s special section on performance cruising which starts on page 40. We have noted racer and sailmaker at Quantum Sails Dave Flynn, sailing instructor and BWS associate editor Andy Cross and a diehard cruiser, that would be me.

Certainly, performance cruising is about sailing well and fast. Even heavy displacement, old-style cruising boats can benefit from a new set of well made sails. And, modern, lighter displacement boats that all builders are now offering as cruising boats already sail so much better than their chubby forebearers that an upgrade to new, high tech sails is like adding a turbo charger to a powerful engine.

Sails matter but sail trim matters even more. If you can’t trim the sails to their optimum shapes, you are throwing away all of the potential built into them.  So, understanding sail trim is fundamental to better sailing performance. And to my way of thinking, trimming sails is one of the seriously fun parts of sailing a good cruising boat.

But, of course, sail trim is not the only thing. Performance cruising is all about having your boat set up for the way you like to sail it and for safety and efficiency at sea. A good example is in how you have your downwind pole set up. First, having a whisker or spinnaker pole ready for flying the genoa wing- and-wing is cruising 101 since this is the simplest and easiest way to sail your boat dead downwind. Spinnakers are fun and fast and great in light air and we suggest every cruising boat have one aboard. But, we tend to douse the chute when the wind pipes above 15 knots which is when a “wung out” genoa on a pole comes into its own.

Knowing the pole will be used often, experienced cruisers rig a topping lift from the mast to control the pole in the up and down frame and set up permanent foreguys on both sides to control the pole forward and aft on both jibes. To complete the pole control system, you can also rig after guys on both sides that will hold the pole in position even when the genoa sheet is slack or the sail has been rolled up. If you mount swivel blocks on the foredeck and side decks, you can leave your spinnaker pole guys rigged all the time for use whenever you need your pole. And you can rig the unused foreguy (opposite the pole) as a preventer on the main boom.

Lastly, performance cruising is also about sailing the right course to your destination and by right course I mean the safest, fastest and most comfortable route, which is not always the straight rhumbline. You may need to avoid shipping lanes, adverse currents, stiff winds close to bold headlands or approaching squalls. You may need to sail around a low pressure system or run from a towering thunderhead that’s throwing lightning bolts. In other words, you may need to sail smart instead of fast.

Performance cruising is all about doing it well—sailing, passagemaking, navigation and boat handling. And the better we get at it, the more confident we become and the more fun we have out there living our dreams.

Impression Sailing Week 2012

Impression Sailing Week 2012
International Regatta On ELAN SAILING BOATS
Biograd n/m, Croatia
8. - 11. november 2012

Impression Sailing Week 2012 Burin Yachting Club and Elan Yachting in cooperation with Yacht Club Biograd and Croatian Sailing Federation are organizing an international regatta Impression Sailing Week 2012 on Elan Sailing Boats, which will take place in Biograd na Moru (Croatia) from 8th November till 11th November 2012.

The organizers predict to host over 60 sailboats made by Elan, which will be divided into three groups:

Elan Performance, Elan Impression and Elan Cruiser.

The special feature of the regatta is the visit of the owners of Elan sailboats, representatives, suppliers and distributors of Elan, reporters, invited VIP guests by the Croatian Ministry of Tourism and, of course, all sailing fans, who by this event conclude the sailing season and make arrangements for sailing plans in the upcoming season.

Regatta Impression Sailing Week can be your companies' best choice to organize corporate event or team building. Don't hesitate to request individual program on email:

Around 400 sailors and visitors are expected to attend the event with an exemplar entertainment on mainland which will include two evenings with live music.

A formal opening with a welcome drink will take place on Thursday evening on 8th of November at 20.00 in the restaurant of Marina 'Kornati' Biograd.

You can find more information about the regatta on websites: and

You can send us all of your questions on email address:


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